Automotive Technology


Learn how to fix the cars you love to drive - enroll in automotive technical training at Lincoln, and get on the path to a successful automotive career!

Why should I choose Lincoln College of Technology for my auto technology program?

Lincoln is no ordinary auto mechanic school - it's a place where:

  • You'll be taught by ASE-Certified instructors
  • You'll receive hands-on realistic training inside our fully-equipped, modern auto bays and garage, using computerized diagnostic equipment and specialty tools*
  • You'll learn using fun, interactive techniques, such as web-based information retrieval systems - instructors use a projector to ask questions, and students respond using a 'clicker' to chime in with their answers

Lincoln Auto Tech School offers more:

  • Our 'Driving Your Performance' course adds to your auto mechanics training, teaching you about life skills and building your self-confidence - so you'll be ready to present the best 'you' to potential employers!
  • Lincoln's Career Services department will help you find companies that need people just like you!

What kind of auto technician jobs will I be prepared to work in?

ASE-certification is crucial to a successful career, and formal training can substitute for a certain amount of work experience required for this.** ASE Master Accredited programs in automotive technology at Lincoln will fast-track your way into entry-level employment as an automotive technician at car dealerships, independent automotive shops, service centers, fleet maintenance departments and more! Enroll now!

* Campus equipment and machinery varies by school.

** Please visit for more detailed information.

*The schools have no existing agreement with employers to provide jobs to students and do not guarantee employment.

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